1. Gentle Giant

From the recording Gentle Giant

This song was written in loving memory of Donald Arthur Grobb.


Gentle Giant
By Sheena Grobb and Dan Legrand

The gentle giant in my childhood memories
The quiet man who always made my day
Trips into town and on the combine laughing Can we get ice cream and be on our way home? Ohh I guess so
Heading down the dirt road to the grain trucks waiting There’ll be a good haul from the work today
You knew the truth, I had to learn the long way Thankful, remembering the way I was raised
Dad, I guess you were right this time
Family first, family all day long!
Have your dreams, have your songs, I had the farm But don’t be scared to call
It’s family all day long
Up at dawn, toast and coffee, kids set on their way
Quad rides, sleepless nights, and praying for the heavens to rain Rescuing neighbours stuck in snow since ’69!
You’d wake at 3am if one of us needed a ride home
Dad, I never told you this but the seeds you’ve sown
have grown into much more than grain or grass
These memories, they last
And the hearts you hold will grow old, longing to be with you
Saying goodbye is nothing we’re prepared to do You’ve left a hole that nothing else will fill
Go now with God, let angels sing you home
Into the arms of your relatives
Dad, your love will outlast the pain Though our tears fall down like rain
We feel you here now in a different way Our prayers will be our calls
It’s family all life long
Talk soon, love Don